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Definition: GOLF learning centre

We clearly distinguish that prior to teaching individuals to play golf, they must first learn what is required to get a golf ball airborne. Hitting the ball into the air is THE pre-requisite to learning to play golf!

Learning Options

Individual Golf Instruction


An individual golf lesson is for a minimum of 50 minutes duration (Gary`s discretion... maybe longer) to include balls . Central themes of instruction, ball flight, direction control and distance.

Short Game


Saturday & Sunday each week is when the rotating Short Game courses take place. 4 hours duration; putting, chipping, pitching, bunker shots, starting at 10:00.

Open Training


Open Training takes place each day at 17.00 until 19.00. The cost is 20€ per person, this includes range balls and tuition, no prior appointment is required, just show up....1 person or 10, it takes place.

Ladies Group Training


A weekly event lasting two hours, the theme for each session will be influenced by points of interest raised by the group. Short game will be a central theme each and every week, respecting an old Chinese proverb; if you are not able to hit a ball 10 meters then don't try 100!  

Men's Training


A weekly event lasting two hours applying the musketeer rules...all for one and one for all! The theme for each week will be influenced by points of interest raised by the members of the group. 

Junior Training


Perpetuation of golf club memberships is dependent upon nurturing this particular target group amongst the local population. Involving local schools, colleges and members children and grandchildren, especially challenging the disintersted youngsters who think golf is a boring game for old people, as there is ano action.


Driving Range, Golf Fitting Studios & Golf Learning Centre

21st Century Practise Facility

A modern golf training (practise) facility should have the provision of top quality golf balls. Together with the modern up to date practising support equipment. The facility should offer club fitting again supported by modern technology. We here at Definition Golf apply, make available the GC Quad for general practise on the driving range with 20 hitting areas each fitted with a GC Quad and individual monitor. 

We also offer a golf club ¨Fitting¨ service which incorporates two Fitting Studios, one with its own Trackman ball flight monitoring system, the second equipped with a Flightscope ball flight monitoring system, these two systems cater for customer preference, which we offer for; Club, Shaft, Wedge and Ball fitting, and supporting our Putter Fitting we apply the application of our SAMLab.

Facility Support Equipment available

GC Quad System


The GC Quad system is really at the fore as the leading proponent of both ball and golf club monitoring systems, ahead of both Trackman and may I add Flightscope, who in their day were the leaders, the GC Quad supersedes the data capture and provision with more accuracy and relevance, no negative criticism intended of the two systems which we use ourselves, it is simply that science has moved on, and so has Definition Golf with its ultimate service provision to serious golfers of Spain who live here and from other countries in Europe who travel here to the Costa del Sol for either a winter break, pre season training or simply to take golf instruction here.

Singapore Driving Range


This driving range which exists and operates in Singapore offers a GC Quad club and ball monitoring system to each of the facility´s hitting areas (120). Definition Golf offers its customers and students an initial availability of 20 units during our first 12 months, available on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, per arrangement, groups rates available, for Golf Club Teams during their winter/Spring pre-season training Camp. Definition Golf Range membership & Golf Club Membership receive membership rates, this is the way to go if you wish your golf facility to represent being considered a serious participant within the supply of golf industry, to golfers from around Europe as well as those living here. 

Flightscope (Kudu)


The Flightscope is the first ball flight radar based monitor I have worked with, my first was back in 2004 in Vienna, at that time the system was named KUDU. It would be introspective for me to provide club, shaft, ball, and wedge fitting solely applying the Flightscope system based upon my preference, when the market is split between both Flightscope and Trackman being at the fore.



Trackman provides the club fitting support in our second club fitting studio.

Trackman has its own league of followers and believers, which is why we here at Definition Golf have the Trackman ball flight monitor to support our club, shaft, ball & wedge fitting, especially for those experienced golfers familiar with the Trackman presented Data.

Golf Club, Shafts & Ball Fitting


It is incomprehensible and in comprehendible today, especially in todays market place to present a modern practise facility without the inclusion of a golf club, golf club shaft(s), Ball, Putter and Wedge Fitting capability. It is of little or no use to provide the best golf instruction in Europe without ensuring that all students are using correctly fitting golf clubs!!

SAMLab -Putter Fitting


I have had a SAMLab since 2004, received my initial training on its application by its inventor Dr Christian Marquardt from Munich Germany, I use this valuable piece of equipment in support of my Putter Fitting service, as well as ratifying particular fine aspects regarding a putting movement from certain pupils. 

Services we offer


Club Fitting

Golf has been described and recognised as being one of the most challenging and demanding of all sports, having the right tools for the job may not make the challenge any less but certainly will help with an improvement with producing consistent golf shots.

Shaft Fitting

As another name for a golf stroke could be "energy transfer" the golf shaft is instrumental in how effective the kinetic force generated from the golf swing is transferred into the static golf ball, remembering: mass x movement = energy. The golf shaft is the responsible part of the golf club providing this energy transfer. Here with Definition: GOLF we are able to identify for each individual golfer the optimal shaft corresponding with their individual physique and swing speed.

Wedge fitting

According to golf statistics 60% of all golf strokes executed during a round a golf are not made with a full swing, therefore to optimise short game precision it is vital that loft, lie and bounce graduations between; pitching wedge, mid-wedge, sand wedge and where applicable the lob wedge, are in step. Also that the entire length of the grip is parallel, matching the external diameter of the grip  with the size of the golfers hands.

Putter fitting

An off-the-shelf putter is normally offered as 35" or 34" in length. Traditional reference 35" (Mens), 34" (Ladies). In order to optimise performance it is essential that your putter "FITS" you, enabling you to maximise your ability to retain the face of the putter, square to the line of the putt for as long as possible. This specific, single point is intrinsic for the establishment of consistent 'Putting', your putter needs to fit you! 

The big news

Our students NEVER slice!!!

Our students are able to hit a ball from the ground without a tee using a driver; 7º to 10.5º it doesn't matter which loft.

Our pupils are able to pitch and play bunker shots consistently!


Customers and students have questions, Definition: GOLF provides answers. 

Most questions surround the flight of the ball, we believe a golf ball does not tell lies.

Golf Club Repairs

Shaft replacement


Shaft replacement is done on a 24 hour turnaround, for stocked shafts.

Grip replacement


Grip replacement, single grips while you wait, complete set is replaced over night from stocked grips.

Loft & Lie


Whilst a club fitting must be carried out to establish personal requirements, a complete set of clubs, woods and irons, altered over night.

Shaft Spining


Shaft spining should precede shaft frequency analysis to establish where the seam of the tube weld (spine) is positioned relative to the club face and all other clubs within the set. Not to do this exercise renders the shaft frequency matching analysis useless or very expensive.

Shaft Frequency matching


1/2" increments of length, 4º loft, and 7 grms head weight. These points of reference are all adhered to by all leading golf club producers, however, should the shaft not share a common reference relationship throughout the complete set of clubs with each club face, shaft FM is made more costly.



SamLab is a verification tool to satisfy the client that the putter fitting and the resultant grip fitting has enabled the golfer to optimise the squareness of the putter face during the range of movement.  

Academical Studies

Physiology : Duke University


Being able to understand Psychology, it was necessary for me to study physiology and Neuroscience aspects of which impact upon our daily lives with each passing second of each day for our entire lives. Our ´Behaviour´ is shaped and governed by actions and activities which are taking place within our body responding constantly from our immediate environment which we have no direct involvement from a conscious perspective, all affecting the manner with which our body behaves both internally and externally regarding our physical ability to move, for instance, to swing a golf club!   

Physiology/Neuroscience: Hebrew University, Jerusalem

This course

Taking this course; Synapses, Neurons & Brain provided me with clearer understanding between mind and body interface, the resulting activity providing me with corroborative information supporting my golf teaching hypothesis. Understanding that the human brain functions in the same manner as with all other organ systems found within the human body, and that synaptic activity lies at the heart of both neural and physical activities (behaviour). 

Medical Neuroscience: Duke University


Our brains possess information gathering departments, function centres, these are referred to as being; sensory. Our sensory system comprises; eyes, ears, taste, nose and  feeling (somatic), many people include emotion into this group category. Our sensory system is monitoring our surroundings constantly to which our brain makes the necessary required adjustments either, internally dealing with our various organs or to our physical behavior movements.

Advanced Physiology: Colorado University, Boulder

The effects upon our body organs as a consequence from ´Physical Exercise´

This  course provided the information relating to the effects from ´Physical Exercise´ upon the internal organ systems of a human body. Identifying the fuel required for sustaining physical performance under stress conditions.

Metabolism: KAIST


Metabolism is the process or multiple processes by which our intake of both fluids solids and the gas we breath are dealt with including how the resultant synthesis of the various materials and substances interact.

Neuro-Psychology: Toronto University (Scarborough)


Holistically the actual term of reference should read; Neuro-Physiology-Psychology as the relationship of these three independently studied fields of science share a synergistic relationship which renders them inseparable!

PGA Status & Activities

My PGA ´Fellow´ status reflects my career progression as an active PGA Golf Professional, which includes; Tournament Play, Golf Instruction, Custom Fitting & Golf Club Repairs, Golf Club Management, Golf Academy Management & Development, Golf Course Design & Construction, taking a green field site and creating a golf facility, including overseeing the complete planning application process from start to finish, and together with my wife Pre-Opening of a golf facility! 

In addition to my learned, developed and applied requisite golf industry skills I am a qualified PGA Golf Rules Referee.  

European Tour


I am a founder member of the European Tour, on which I competed for 15 years before retiring from competition golf due to the result of an accident in the USA  which resulted with me losing the sight in my right eye, a condition which prevailed for 3 further years. Hence my move into the teaching side of the sport for which my tournament playing experience stood me in good stead to develop young golfers (gladiators) in preparation for engaging in international golf tournaments! (with success).

PGA´s of Europe


The PGA´s of Europe is an Association for Associations serving golf Professionals in their respective countries. Providing a consensus of information regarding Professional Golf establishing a consistency of ´Standards´ across Europe within all aspects of Golf Facility management & Development, Retail, Golf Instruction, Golf Club Repairs, Membership Management & procuration, to include golf tournament event management.

Neural Mapping


Brain Mapping, the picture shows an fNIRS- functional Infrared neural spectrograph, which monitors Haemodynamic (blood flow) which takes place within a human brain during neural signalling, I applied such a system in Holland October 2018 to establish a neural map regarding contralateral signalling in association with the establishment of a neural reference map for slicers. 

Definitive Golf vol.1


My first book was published during 2013, with the follow up edition later this year. Vol.1 was written pre University studies, my second book will validate what was my hypothesis which was at the heart of my first book, which lacked rational scientific corroboration. This most certainly is not the case concerning my second publication which should be published later this year (2020). 

i-Q GOLF (Board Game-Rules of Golf)


A German language board game which I designed together with my wife Gail & son Carl,  patented in Vienna 2014, sold into the golf market during 2015, only in German. The up to date English version will be available for Christmas 2020.

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